How to pronounce regular verbs (-ed)

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Vídeo explicativo de English with Lucy:


Verbs ending in voiced sound in the infinitive are followed by /d/ in the past.
Please, listen and repeat…

advise advised
agree agreed
arrive arrived
believe believed
burn burned
call called
carry carried
clean cleaned
close closed
change changed
deliver delivered
die died
dry dried
earn earned
enjoy enjoyed
explain explained
explore explored
follow followed
happen happened
interview interviewed
imagine imagined
listen listened
live lived
measure measured
open opened
play played
perform performed
realize realized
rain rained
repair repaired
save saved
share shared
sign signed
slam slammed
stay stayed
snow snowed
study studied
try tried
travel travelled
turn turned
use used
whisper whispered
worry worried

Verbs ending in voiceless sound in the infinitive are followed by /t/ in the past.
Please, listen and repeat…

ask asked
bake baked
cook cooked
dance danced
dress dressed
drop dropped
escape escaped
finish finished
fix fixed
guess guessed
help helped
hope hoped
hike hiked
joke joked
jump jumped
laugh laughed
lock locked
look looked
miss missed
pack packed
press pressed
smoke smoked
stop stopped
shop shopped
talk talked
type typed
walk walked
wash washed
work worked

Verbs ending in /t/ and /d/ sounds in the infinitive are then followed by /Id/ in
their past. Please, listen and repeat…

attend attended
arrest arrested
collect collected
count counted
decide decided
divide divided
hunt hunted
invite invited
invent invented
land landed
need needed
paint painted
print printed
pretend pretended
protect protected
provide provided
repeat repeated
report reported
respect respected
rest rested
start started
shout shouted
wait waited
want wanted

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